What we do

Create your digital health plan

There are so many digital health tools for the same purpose that it’s difficult to decide which one to use. 

What’s more, with so much at stake, rare patient groups don’t have the luxury to make the wrong decision.

We help patient groups review and select digital therapeutics apps, wearables, registries, peer support platforms, clinical trial technology, personal health data platforms and more.

Raise money through data

Industry today spends large sums of money to get access to patient data. Unfortunately, patients and patient groups see no benefit.

We implement partnerships that align patient communities with the business models of these organizations, to create new sustainable sources of revenues for patient groups.

Patients and patient groups participate in the digital health economy while staying in control of their data.

Share your results

We help patient groups and digital health companies generate evidence and document best practices.

We share our findings via white papers, webinars or at conferences in hope that others can benefit from what we learn.